Monday, April 6, 2009


The Cierzan and Browne families launched a ground assault on EPCOT yesterday and we ended the day with 5 tired kids and 4 weary adults - A Successful Day!

Quote of the day goes to Leah who was mad at the people taking our money as we entered the parking lot. "those idioms keep taking our money, they're stealing our money" as we forked over $12 to park at EPCOT.

Dinner was at the German Biergarten, and the Cierzan kids demonstrated their Oktoberfest dance moves to the sounds of the all-male German quartet. Yes, we have it on video!

The fireworks spectacular at end of day was also a highlight and Leah was very impressed with the sights and sounds -- exclaiming to me that she couldn't wait to tell her friends about the great time at Disney!

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