Tuesday, August 11, 2009

THE GAME! Giants vs. Dodgers

AT&T Park was AMAZING! All of us would recommend a visit! Noah was looking forward to this game the entire time. I am happy to report, I think it may have exceeded his expectations. Leah loved it as well! She loved the kids field, where she was hitting whiffle balls out of the park(seriously, she hit one through the fence), and running clockwise around the bases (3,2,1, home), she ran fast and took it very seriously. All we could do was laugh and enjoy her new found passion for the game! Unfortunately, the Giants didn't pull off a win! 4-2 Dodgers took the game! Wow, is this a rivalry. The fans were very intense! Well, I better run to bed, as tomorrow should be a very busy day! Lots left to do in San Francisco!

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