Saturday, August 1, 2015

PTA VII: Day #8, Thursday, July 30th...the final leg, leaving Colorado and heading to South Dakota!

Day #8...The final leg!  Yes it is true, despite our love for the Rockies, we had to stick with our plan and head out and move on to South Dakota.  However, we decided we needed to take one final visit to the Rocky Mountain National Park.  (We did buy and annual park pass, so it wouldn't cost anything).  We had not yet explored Bear Lake, as we were told it would be the most busy, but beautiful.  It WAS the disneyland of national park venues, packed with visitors, shuttles pulling in and out and clean as a whistle.
Here are a sampling of the stunning views from Bear Lake.  The kids really enjoyed this short hike around the lake as well.  

This guy was clearly hiking farther than we were.  However, Noah really wanted to check out the Glacier-next time!
We headed out of town, after a quick stop for taffy in Estes Park at The Taffy Shop, and a visit to the "Famous" buckle shop, per the River's Family Recommendation.  Again, both of their recommendations were awesome.  No, we didn't buy any belt buckles, but we know where to go, when we do want some.

The drive to South Dakota, while long, it went fast!  Did you know that the speed limit in Wyoming is 80 mph?  Once we passed the Colorado state line, not only did the landscape change, but so did the speed limit.  However, we did get a glimpse of the beautiful landscape in Wyoming, before it became too dark.
Perhaps the biggest highlight on our drive for Guy and I was that we BOTH were able to see an amazing shooting star, fly across the sky as we drove in the darkness.  

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