Sunday, May 1, 2011

Norway Day 4 - April 30

Well we are starting to adjust, but Mom is still feeling "drunk" from the jet lag. She won't take the melatonin!!! (Miracle drug for me!) The only beer she has been drinking is Ginger Ale (they actually make a special ginger ale here in Trondheim that is wonderful!)

We got up rather early again and had a delightful breakfast in the hotel. Arfin and Brit Nilsen asked if they could see us again today and take us around downtown. We accepted their invitation. As typical in Norway they arrived right on time and were excited to share their city with us. They took us for a 5+ mile walk, with a coffee and pastry break (typical in Norwegian culture-Uncle Art, now we know where you got your love for coffee. You would fit right in!). Mom of course had another norwegian ginger ale.

Trondheim is a very unique city that has some stunning architecture. Our first stop was to the Nidarosdomen, (A catheral) a famous protestant church where King Olav is buried. It was stunning inside (however, they wouldn't let me take any pictures, so I can't share that with all of you). We did get one of outside. We also were able to see Scandinavia's oldest secular building, once the Archbishop's palace, and now home to the royal crown jewels. After our coffee break, they took us over to the Gamle Bybrua (old town bridge) where they took a quick shot of Mom and I on the waterfront.

After our lengthy walk, I think Arfin could have walked the entire city (but Brit was worn out) we headed back to the hotel for a late lunch and to say our final goodbyes. Goodbye was hard for Mom (aways is!) and Arfinn said "see you next year and bring Uncle Art." It was sad to leave, as we had finally mastered our communication gap, when you don't understand, you just just laugh, smile and say yea, yea. They laugh too and then move on to the next subject.

Well we are going to rest up for our transition to Bergen tomorrow. We get to sample Norwegian Air. Their local airlines that only travels within Norway.

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