Monday, May 2, 2011

Norway Day 6 - May 2, 2011

Today our plan was to experience Bergen! Bergen is a really neat city and one that should be visited if you decide to remortgage your home and visit Norway. First, Mom finally took my advice and took some melatonin. She slept soundly, until I had to wake her at 9 am! (She of course jumped out of bed, as she didn't want to miss out on our "included" breakfast buffet. That saves us nearly $50+ a day!)

Our day started out a bit rough, as the tourist center sold us tickets to a bus that wasn't operating yet, and we tried to convince the native norwegian speaking bus driver, that he had to take our tickets! Wrong bus-he said and kicked us off! After clearing the matter up we made amends with our driver and jumped back on. It was a whirlwind tour of the city, but it was great, as we NEVER would have seen it all. The buildings are very unique and very close to one another. The irony is that the city is VERY old! Some buildings dated back to 1400. It is very much a port city with a lot of water traffic. We even got to see a ship with an ice breaker on the front-it was really neat.

After our tour, we thought we would grab lunch and coffee. We ordered coffee and took out our sandwiches that we made at breakfast (something we have done nearly every day). However, Mom apparently didn't think the napkin was good enough for her today, she said she grabbed a bad from the room for her sandwich. I don't know about you, but look closely at Mom's bag-I don't think it was meant for sandwiches. Needless to say, I didn't use a bag! (Besides it is written in english-no excuse there!).

After lunch we decided to do some shopping in the famous Bergen Wooden Houses, we called it couture shopping! I think it is more expensive then Rodeo Drive. In fact (not exaggerating-a woman spent $25K on sweaters and souvenirs in front of us. Didn't even bat an eye. Mom and I merely gasped!)

Mom did secure a famous bracelet that is only made in Norway, it is made with Reindeer leather, silver and pewter. Of course, we found other treasures, but you'll have to wait and see them! Hint-we may have a norwegian sweater in our luggage!

We are trying to pack up for our final excursion, Norway in a Nutshell-Trains, Buses and Boats! We are leaving Bergen first thing in the morning and heading to Oslo. Hope to have some great pictures tomorrow.

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