Saturday, August 6, 2016

Northeastern Exploration Day 1: Friday, August 5th, 2016 (Brooklyn, New York)

Since we do a lot of driving on this trip, we made every effort to streamline our packing...well, lets just say, 6 bags was the best we could do.  However, we did bring along an Aero Bed, snacks, travel books and 12 personal electronic devices and all of the relevant charging tools.  Cierzan's do NOT travel light.

The first leg of this adventure included a flight from Minneapolis to New York.  It was a rather uneventful flight.  While Guy, Leah and I snuggled in Coach and enjoyed our airline snack, Noah enjoyed a little more room, breakfast and a feature film in first class.  (Special thanks to Dad for sharing his upgrades, one of the few perks of a lot of travel).

Once we landed in New York, Guy decided we should experience the nice airline lounge for American Express customers, while it was nice (with some delicious amenities, we quickly discovered Guy had some last minute business to attend too).  Once we had lunch and countless chocolate brownies and a cocktail or two, we headed out to find the car for our adventure.  First, we learned that the East coast personalities are nothing like the "Minnesota Nice" personalities that the kids have become accustomed to.  However, Guy gave them a run for their money.  Those that know Guy, can only imagine some of the sarcastic exchanges that we witnessed.

We finally secured our auto for the next leg of our vacation, however, driving in New York City is quite the adventure.  We were headed for Brooklyn, which was our first stop and wow was that ride.  Unfortunately, I didn't have any dramamine so it felt like we were on a roller coaster ride into the city.    We finally landed at our hotel, Marriott Brooklyn Bridge.  We gave the hotel a thumbs up!

After a little rest, we ventured out for dinner, Hill Country BBQ-right near our hotel.  We were NOT taking the car out.  The kids gave it three stars, the brisket was delicious, but the sausage was spicy.  We ventured out for a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge following dinner, as it was right near our hotel.  Wow!  Something everyone should do at least once.

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