Monday, August 8, 2016

Northeastern Exploration Day 2: Saturday, August 6th, 2016 (Hyde Park, New York)

This would be our first full day, and we we were in no hurry to get on the roads in New York City.  So after a nice breakfast in the hotel (I know lame, but it was FREE).  We like to take advantage of as many of Guy's travel perks as we can.  Lets just say, travel loyalty programs are essential to our adventures.  Our goal today was to get to the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Presidential Library and Historic Home.  We made it!  Along the way, we were able to drive through Harlem and the Bronx, the kids thought it was pretty cool.  We didn't stop, as we had a long drive ahead of us, but none the less, they were able to see a lot during the daylight.

Once we arrived at the presidential library, we began to understand why FDR liked the area so much. It was beautiful, tranquil, however, it had plenty of activity around it.  Oh, and a lot of trees!  Did you know he listed his occupation as a "tree farmer?"  Some fun facts--how many terms was he elected to?  4! Did you know that this was the very FIRST presidential library?  We can thank FDR for the idea that subsequent presidents have followed.  I will post a number of pictures once I get the opportunity.  We gave this stop two thumbs up!  Everyone enjoyed it.

After our visit we were famished, so we headed over to the Hyde Park Brewery.  Nothing special, but they had good burgers and beer.  Who could turn that down, after a long day.  Once our bellies were full we headed out to our final stop for the night.  Springfield, Mass.  This would be a long drive, but knowing we wanted to get to Maine the following day, we had some long drives at the beginning.

Springfield, Mass, the only good thing about this town that we found was The Basketball Hall of Fame.  Our hotel was totally a "socks on" establishment, however it was FREE.  I am not sharing the name, but it starts with an M and ends...with a T.  The highlight of this visit, was that the REAL Dr. J-Julius Irving was present for a Q & A at the Hall of Fame.  The irony of this, is that Dr. J is Guy's childhood basketball hero and all time favorite basketball player.  We all had the opportunity to meet him and got his autograph.  After being outraged by the cost of getting into the museum, we felt like we hit the jackpot once we saw Dr. J.

After our visit we headed out to Maine.  Again, it would be a long driving day, but the roads were really nice and the scenery was beautiful.  We were able to see some very unique campaign signs as well.  To those of you that didn't realize that we will be electing a new President this year.

Our culinary highlights for the day, was a stop at Bob's Clam Hut in Kittery, Maine. We had our first official Lobster Roll in Maine.  It was FANTASTIC!  Then finally, we were able to grab dessert as the sun set in Wells, Maine at Big Daddy's Ice Cream.  Lets just say--Wow!  Four thumbs up!

We finally rolled into a lovely and brand new Residence Inn in Bath, Maine.  tuckered out!

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