Sunday, July 27, 2014

PTA VI Day 2: Saturday, July 26, 2014: Union Station, U.S. Capital, Jefferson Memorial, Chinatown

We fortunately were able to sleep in today, while Dad did a little work in the morning.  We decided to splurge and get the 48 hour ON/OFF Double Decker Bus Tour. (Leah really wanted to ride on one!)  We hopped on one and took it took Union Station, one of the oldest and largest Train Stations in the United States. Home to Amtrak too!  So, we had to check it out! 
What an amazing and historical building.
View from our bus of Union Station

We then walked over to the U.S. Capital Visitor's Center.  (While we visited there before, it was a rather stressful visit, as Guy had lost his wedding ring in the Capital Visitor's Center, for a brief period of time.  Happy to report, he did find it in our backpack.) 
US Capital
Guy, Noah and Leah near the steps of the US Capital
We had a wonderful tour guide and really enjoyed visiting the rotunda, the original senate chambers and viewing the many unique statutes that rest in the U.S. Capital Building. Did you know...each state provides the U.S. Capital with two statutes of individuals that they would like to represent the state?  No, they need not be political figures or leaders! However, often they are, Maria Sanford and Henry Mower Rice represent Minnesota. Leah was so inspired by her visit, she had to secure a souvenir to remember the visit.
Inside the Rotunda of the US Capital

After visiting the U.S. Capital Building, we jumped back on our Double Decker Bus and continued the tour over to the Jefferson Memorial
It is a beautiful monument, that is certainly very grand in real life.  It was clear that while Jefferson is the primary author of the Declaration of Independence, he really did believe that our foundational documents should be living documents.  If you really read some of his speeches, you can see how he really wanted education to be accessible and available to EVERYONE!  Leah was so inspired, she convinced her Dad to purchase a book for her in the gift shop, "Mary America."  She assured Dad, she would read it by the end of the trip and report back to him.
Jefferson Memorial

After visiting the Memorial and taking the Park Ranger Tour, we were pretty wiped out, so decided to jump back on the bus and head back toward our hotel and grab a bite to eat.  We are staying near Chinatown, so we figured we would try and grab some Chinese food.  We didn't have to go far, we fell for the "Food Network" logo and visited:  Jackey Cafe.  The fried rice was good, but that was about it.  Thumbs down by most of us.  Good news, we made it back to the hotel! Tired and weary...only to have Guy head to the M Lounge (nice lounge for business travelers, with everything they would ever need and then some) to do a little more work. 

Souvenir Tally:
Guy:  0
Penny:  0
Noah:  0
Leah:  4

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