Monday, July 28, 2014

PTA VI Day 4: Monday, July 28, 2014: Spy Museum, National Archives, Air and Space Museum, Museum of Crime and Punishment, etc...

Ok, I know it already sounds like a lot, but honestly all of these places were within walking distance for us.  Guy joined us for a visit to the International Spy Museum, but then he had some meetings to participate in, so we met up with him later.  Noah was pretty excited for this museum, as they had a James Bond exhibit that shared many of the tricks that James Bond used in his movies. 
Noah and James Bond's famous car!

Leah really enjoyed the museum as well, in fact, here is a picture of here being tricked by a pretend shark from some footage from one of the James Bond films.
Leah:  "so why should I touch the glass?"
Leah:  "OH MY GOD...the shark..."  

 We had to remind Leah it was just the movies!  After our visit, we went on our own way, while Guy headed to work.  Needless to say, the kids were hungry.  I was a bit suspicious, if they really were, as we were right next to the Shake Shack, and they kept seeing it and wanted to try it.  So we stopped in for a quick bite, again, good choice!  It was quick, cheap and delicious! 

We decided to head back toward the Mall and check out some of the Museums.  I figured, that a quick visit to the National Archives was in order-you can never see the Constitution too many times, right?!  Besides, after the movie National Treasure, they were very interested in seeing the building again. We then headed back across the mall to the Air and Space Museum.  It is such a thrill to walk across the Mall and imagine all of the history that has transpired on the mall.  The view is really spectacular. 
Noah and Leah on the steps of the National Archives
The Air and Space Museum had not changed much since we were last there, but it is always a thrill to visit.  It was perhaps one of the most active Museums! 
Notice:  Leah's "souvenir" her Minecraft Washington DC T-Shirt.  Many people have stopped her and asked where she got it.  She is like a souvenir model!

After touring the Museum and catching an Imax movie about the Hidden Universe.  It was really interesting for all of us.  We hope to go back to catch another movie or two.  Finally, we caught back up with Guy at the Museum of Crime and Punishment.  This was also a pretty cool museum, I think the fact that we were visiting at the end of the day, made it that much better! No crowds, and we could go along at our own pace.  We were certain, Uncle Dan and Luke would have really liked this one! Here are some pictures of criminals we saw along the way...
Noah and Leah participating in a line-up!

Leah made sure Dad got the same experience, curious why he looks like he has done this before?  (Look closely in the reflection, you can see Leah watching intently!)
We wrapped up the visit with some real Police exercises.  Noah did ok, in the car simulator, after he figured out where the gas petal was!  (Scary to think he could be driving in less then a year).  Then Leah drove all over the place, and even though the lights were on and sirens blaring, she stopped for all of the red lights.  Certainly a real law abiding citizen.  Now, Guy on the other hand clearly demonstrated he could take down criminals with lethal shots and not even use up all of this bullets!  Wow...!
Guy taking down the criminal! Scary how he looks so serious.  (Can you tell he came right from a meeting!)

We wrapped up the night with a great dinner and fun dessert!  We had Lobster and Crab Rolls at Luke's Lobster.  It was EXCELLENT!  4 thumbs up and we would all recommend!  Then ironically, right around the corner was a specialty cupcake shop, Red Velvet.  We sampled the:  Red Velvet, Peanut Butter Cup and Devils Food, they were all amazing.  We are fans of the Cupcake Wars show on the Food Network, so we like to try fun places like this.  All in all, great day!  A lot of ground covered, 12,000 steps to be exact.  Looking forward to some new adventures tomorrow as well.

Souvenir Tally:
Guy:  0 (However, still looking for a hat for Guy.  He left home, without one.)
Penny:  0
Noah:  2
Leah:  8

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