Sunday, July 27, 2014

PTA VI Day 3: Sunday, July 27, 2014: National Zoo and Georgetown

Ok, here is my 2nd attempt at sharing what happened on day 3 of our adventure...ironically, it didn't run as smoothly as we had hoped.  Our day started after a long wait for our double decker bus, then a short ride to Union Station and another long wait.  Needless to say, some members of our family decided a cab would get us there sooner.  While they were likely right, Noah remarked that the cab ride was rather "jerky", safe to say we were grateful to finally arrive at the National Zoo!
Noah and Leah at the entrance to the National Zoo

Noah, Guy and Leah on the grounds of the National Zoo
Cutest Daddy Panda having a little lunch!
We lucked out and immediately found the most important exhibit, The Pandas!  Wow, were they a sight, it was like we were part of the paparazzi trying to sneak a glimpse of a celebrity and their youngster!  Certain that Adele or Jennifer Garner would have had something to say to all of the noisy fans trying to get a glimpse of the Zoo Celebrities and their little one!  However, we did stick around and sneak some shots of the famous bears and their youngster.  They were rather cute! 

Despite it being a hot day, we decided we were going to check out some of the other animals.  Leah found a new favorite animal that is at risk of becoming endangered, a Golden Lion Tamarin.  In fact, she thought we should get one.  Ok, they were cute, but certain Rigby couldn't handle the new pet.
Leah's new favorite-Golden Lion Tamarin
We also met a rather friendly Lion that was attempting to get everyone attention, then once he realized we were all watching, he laid down and gave all of us a great photo opportunity!
Clearly King of the Zoo!
We were wiped out after our day at the zoo, so we lucked out and caught our bus ride back to Georgetown.  During the bus ride, we were able to catch a glimpse of the National Catheral and the most narrow house in DC, it is 9 feet wide!  It was darling, but seriously can't imagine living in something that size.
Most narrow home in DC--9 feet wide!

The National Cathedral
This was our first visit to Georgetown and we really enjoyed our short visit. We decided to grab dinner at Clydes.  We all gave it 4 Thumbs up!  Then we headed back to our hotel to rest our weary feet and gear up for the next adventure!

Souvenir Tally:
Guy: 0
Noah:  1
Leah:  7 (including a very cute stuffed Panda!)

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