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PTA VI Day 7: Thursday July 31, 2014: Mount Vernon and Nationals Game...

We had decided to experience everything DC has to offer in terms of public transportation today.  We headed out and jumped on the Metro to get as close as we could to Mount Vernon.  George Washington's home was a destination all of us were looking forward to experiencing.  Then we were able to catch a bus that brought us right to the Visitor's Center.  However, it wasn't as quick as we had hoped.  We were a little late for our Mansion Tour, and had missed our National Treasure Tour, which Noah's friend Jack Knapp had HIGHLY recommended.  However, Guy being the fixer that he has come to be known as, was able to switch our tours around, so that we didn't miss a thing.  The only unfortunate part was that we should have planned to spend an entire day at Mount Vernon, as there is so much to see and experience.  We'll know better for next time.  However, we did enjoy our visit.  George Washington, was certainly a very generous man, with a big heart and it is easy to understand how he became the first President!  Did you know, his two favorite activities were:  1.  Fox Hunting and 2.  Dancing.

Grand view of the Mansion at Mount Vernon
George Washington was right, he said there was not a better place for one to live.  It had it all!  The back side of the mansion had stunning views of the river, and ample space to view what was going on around him.

Guy, Noah and Leah standing on the porch looking out from the back side of the Mansion.
Noah, Leah and I were able to hang around and check out more of the grounds.  He really had a village on his land.  In addition, the Museum and movies were very authentic in telling the story of how George Washington became one of the most admired leaders of our country.

Finally, as some of you may not know, we are fans of National Treasure the fictional movie that investigates many mysteries about US History.  Specifically, National Treasure: Book of Secrets had significant scenes filmed on site.  We can't tell you everything...but does this look like the door to the secret tunnel?
Did you know...It was really George Washington's Ice House?
This is also an estate that is still working as it did when George was alive.  This is evidenced by the fact that the farm animals are still around, the gardens, etc....  It is also, the home to the final resting place of George and Martha Washington and many members of their family.  George had apparently requested to be buried at Mount Vernon.
George Washington's Final Resting Place
We made it back to our hotel easily after getting back to the Metro.  Leah thinks she is the master of the DC Metro system now.  In fact, she told Noah and I, if she got lost, she would just take the red to the green, get off at Dupont Circle and walk two blocks to the left to our hotel.  I smirked, because she was right on!  So, we let her lead the the way back to the hotel.

Guy had one final treat in order for Noah, a trip to the National's ballpark, to see them play the Phillies.  If you haven't figured it out yet, our PTA's trips typically include a major league ballpark, this trip was no exception, except, we lucked out and visited two!  However, Guy still had work until after dinner.  So, he met us at the ballpark.  It was a great game, however, the Phillies dominated the game.  The ballpark was a special treat for all of us.
Noah taking the archival shot of him at yet another national ballpark!
Kids enjoying the game!
It was quite amazing how many former Twins players we were able to see at both games we went to during this trip.  Noah can summarize the list of players, but it is safe to say there were 8+ former Twins Favorites.
Remember him?  ...Ben Revere

After the game, Leah led us back to the Metro on our journey back to our hotel.  Again, she was right on.

Souvenir Tally:
Guy:  1
Penny: 3
Noah: 4
Leah: 14

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