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PTA VI Day 6: Wednesday, July 30, 2014: Dupont Circle, Bike Ride, White House, American History Museum...

Leah was fairly disappointed that there wasn't a pool where we were staying, so Dad stayed up late, researched it and found us a new hotel convenient for all of us AND had a pool!  So, we got up, packed our bags and headed to Dupont Circle to stay at The Palomar Hotel.  It was a really nice boutique hotel in a more residential neighborhood, right in Dupont Circle AND it had a pool!  We thought we should grab a bite to eat before we all went on our way.  There was a great restaurant up the block, Le Pain.  It would certainly be a favorite of mine to meet for coffee if I lived in the DC area!  However, I knew it was trouble when Guy ordered his "coffee", "Diet Coke, Please."  To which they replied, "I'm sorry, we don't serve any soda."  The good news, the food and jams were delicious, however, the oatmeal didn't hold a candle to Zumbros in Minneapolis.

After breakfast, we headed back to the hotel.  They also had bikes for us to borrow, so Dad headed off to work and we borrowed some bikes and headed out to check out the sites.

Leah especially enjoyed biking in the street, with all of the traffic.  She did GREAT!  Noah felt right at home, something he loves to do-BIKE!  We biked over to The White House, seems so weird to be able to bike to the front of the gates of The White House, you can't drive in front anymore, but biking, galking and protesting is allowed!  However, the law enforcement presence is significant, you certainly can tell how things have changed since 9/11.  We decided to bike down to the American History Museum.  We had been there before, but the exhibits change from time to time.  The famous Ruby Slippers were back, while Kermit was taking a break and Miss Piggy had stepped in to show off her historical markings.  Another cool highlight, was the Star Spangled Banner.  It is an amazing flag that was recently restored, with the help of Ralph Lauren.  They hope that the restoration process and it's new dimly lit home will help it last another 100 years.
A pair of Dorthy's famous Ruby Slippers from The Wizard of Oz

Yes, this is Miss Piggy!

Gloves signed by Ali!

We then headed back to our hotel, we decided to bike down past the back side of The White House, again, it was a stunning view, that included the famous new garden that Ms. Obama introduced to the property when she moved in.  We WERE able to take a picture of the garden.

White House Kitchen Garden

Back side of The White House
Leah was determined to get back to the hotel in time to swim a bit before dinner.  We were successful in making that happen!  The hotel also had a FREE happy hour for its guest in their lobby from 5-6 p.m., which I figured would be a great opportunity to grab a glass of wine and sit by the pool.  So after visiting the pool, I decided to head down to grab a glass of wine (in my swimsuit, with a cover up on of course).  Ugh...imagine my shock when I entered the lobby to find 60+ professionals, dressed nicely, lingering around with their plate of olives and sipping their vino!  Ugh...suddenly, I totally felt like Randy Quaid in National Lampoons Vacation.  However, like Randy, I totally acted like it was no big deal and approached the bar and picked up a glass of wine.  Certain, to not do that again!

Souvenir Tally:
Guy:  1
Penny: 2
Noah: 3
Leah: 10

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