Friday, August 1, 2014

PTA VI Day 5: Tuesday, July 29, 2014: Madame Tussauds, The Ford Theatre, Baltimore...

Today, again was a busy one.  We decided to head out to take in some DC sights, while Guy was working.  We did something, we have never considered before--a tour of Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.  It is rather amazing how real some of the figures look, while others...didn't really make the grade.  You decide...
Noah and Bruce Springsteen?

A lot of political leaders.  Here are some of our favorites...
Noah and Abe Lincoln in the Ford Theatre

Noah and Leah with the President and First Lady

Leah's personal favorite...Katy Perry!

After visiting the Museum, we decided to take a quick tour of the Ford Theatre.  This is something, Leah really wanted to do, and something we had never done before.  I didn't realize that they actually did tours for FREE in the theatre.  It is so amazing to hear the history of the theatre and how President Lincoln was shot.  We were even able to take pictures in the theatre. 
This is where President Lincoln was sitting when he was shot.

As you can see the stage is very grand, beautiful and still used today.

After our tour of the city, we were able to catch a train, via Amtrak to Baltimore, Maryland, so we can knock yet another state and ballpark off of our family adventures list.

Heading to Baltimore...
Dad as always, knows the best way to make it to the train station with seconds to spare.  Lets just say, we ran into Union Station and arrived at our Train, 30 seconds before it was going to depart--Wow!  Then 30 minutes later, we arrived at one of the Great American Train Stations, Pennsylvania Station, in Baltimore Maryland.

We jumped into a cab and headed toward the harbor, as Harbor Place, Camden Fields, etc...were on our list.  We were reminded by the cab driver to stay close to the harbor as "the city isn't really safe."  Clearly the show The Wire, was telling the real story of Baltimore and the story that we didn't care to experience. We headed over to Little Italy for a quick bite, Noah had located a place online that had received rave reviews:  Isabella's Brick Oven.  We all liked it a lot!  Four thumbs up, but all agreed, Pizzeria Lola in Minneapolis has the best!  We then headed back to Harbor Place while Dad did some work, it wasn't as I remembered, a pretty rough crowd and apparently a lot of turn over of businesses.  While Leah begged to go through Ripley's Believe It or Not, I couldn't bring myself to do it.  The Wax museum was enough for one day.
We decided to stay close to the harbor as recommended by our cab driver.  We had tickets to the Oriole's game, so we headed toward Camden Field, and visited the Babe Ruth Birthplace and Museum.  It was a really neat historical area, where we could walk all around.  I think everyone enjoyed the visit.
Dad, Noah and Leah outside of Historic Camden Field

Camden Field before the game...

Noah and Leah on the steps of Babe Ruth's Birthplace

Yes, this is a signed Babe Ruth Baseball-Leah wasn't able to buy it for Noah!

We were able to watch the Oriole's play the Angels, it was a great game, full of some of our favorite former Twins, i.e., Denard Span!

We had to leave before the end unfortunately, as our train would be leaving Baltimore and head backto DC without us.  It ended up going into extra innings with the Oriole's winning with a walk off homerun.  Noah did stay tuned during the train ride home, we all enjoyed our trip to Baltimore, but decided we likely wouldn't be back for a while.  Tired and weary we headed back to our hotel to catch some zzz's to see what day 6 would bring.

Souvenir Tally:
Guy:  1 (He finally bought a hat!)
Penny:  0
Noah: 3  (He always buys a hat from the fields he visits.)

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