Thursday, August 3, 2017

2017 The Mpls Cierzan's take on Yellowstone, etc... for their annual family Planes, Trains and Automobiles family adventure!

PTA IX:  August 8-18, 2017  Yellowstone

This will be our 9th fun filled summer family adventure.  In our ongoing effort to introduce our kids to as many sights, States, National Parks and experiences, we asked the kids:  "where to this summer?"  They both said, "RV trip to Yellowstone!"  While Robin Williams made the RV trip look far to exciting in the movie: RV .

We can't image being able to live up to the expectations that the kids have set for this years adventure.  (P.S.  If you can, I would highly recommend watching the movie, before taking on an adventure like this.)  Let's just say, we fear Guy will be looking for wi-fi as diligently as Mr. Williams did!

Like most of our adventures in the past, we use multiple modes of transportation and attempt to push everyone to try something new and different!  This trip could take the cake!  (Perhaps, that is why our friends have snickered when we shared what we are doing this summer.  Followed by, please send us the link to your blog again, we want to follow this one!)  We are very aware of the fact that there will likely be numerous analogies and similarities to another famous family adventure, namely:  National Lampoon's Family Vacation!

We certainly will be stepping out of our comfort zone as we "rough it" in our 30ft Motorhome that we will be picking up in Billings, Montana.  (We had to compromise with Guy, as he wasn't excited about driving a giant Motorhome across country.  Then the kids weren't excited about driving our "own" giant truck with a "cool trailer" that we could rent here!  So, in my on going effort to facilitate compromise, we elected to fly to Billings, Montana and rent a Motorhome there.  (Saves us some time, and Guy some more gray hair!)

P.S.  Did you know that you can camp in Walmart parking lots for free?

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