Friday, August 4, 2017

PTA IX: Day 1, August 8th, 2017 Heading the the airport!

Day 1:  Tuesday,  Mpls to Billings, Montana

We head out at 8:00 am on our very favorite Delta Airlines.  I say favorite, because that is all we ever seem to be able to take because Guy has so many miles from all of his countless business trips.  He was promoted to the Million Miler Club this year.  "Yippee!" to use my Papa's favorite line.  (It is his birthday today after all.  (Really it is, he would be 93?)  We are fortunate enough to be able to secure 4 free tickets to Billings, Montana in August.  It is kind of like flying to Florida in March.  Right?!

Kid #2 was lucky as usual to have her ticket linked to Dad's they both were upgraded to first class.  While Noah and I were sent back to the 20th row, in the very new plane.  However, we aren't so sure what was so good about the plane.  Check this out...
NO...Kid #1 has not grown to be 7 feet tall and NO he is not sitting in a kid's seat.  These are the new seats on Delta.  He also was lucky enough to experience another traveler sitting in front of him, testing out the reclining ability of the new seats.  Good news, the flight was just under 2 hours!

Upon arriving in billings we were reminded of the one animal that the kids are most concerned about!  They hope not to get a "real"picture like this, but if they did I doubt they would look this excited!

First stop is to catch a lift to the very important:  Cruise America location to pick up our home for the next 10 days!  If you can't wait to see a picture of us in our very fancy, and custom wrapped Ford Motorhome, take a peek.  I think they have the phone number and website all over the vehicle, so that we know who to call if there is a problem--right?

We realized immediately, we would be renting a REALLY stripped down version of an RV!  However, the guy that showed us how things were, told us that they are used a lot and as a result can get worn down, but he takes "GREAT" care of them!  However, he wanted to go through some very important details...

He did remind us however, he has been doing this for 55 years, so knows everything there is to know about RV's  Oh, and he added, I need to show you one more will need to use a bic lighter to light the stove, as the igniter was busted off earlier.  Seriously!  He said that, and we are!

We did head to Walmart (Need to stock up with some supplies, we couldn't load up at home, so Walmart will have to do).  However, we visted a Costco first, to pick up some favorites and extra Bear Spray.

Billings, Montana KOA  Since, it is our first all family camping experience, it seems only appropriate for us to stay at the "Worlds First KOA Campground."  This was a great campground, with all of the stuff we needed and then some!  We would HIGHLY recommend.  We even got to play a little golf, albiet putt, putt golf!

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