Friday, August 4, 2017

PTA IX: Day 2, August 9, 2017 Billings, Montana to Cody, Wyoming

Day 2: Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Cody, Wyoming:  Home of Buffalo Bill and the Cierzan's tonight!

Before heading out of our campsite in Billings, we encountered, our first rookie mistake with the RV.

How many Cierzan's does it take to disconnect a hose from the RV?  
ANSWER:  3 + a trip to office to find a pliers + call to the grounds keeper to come over and finally remove the hose.  Yes, he looked like a superhero, or at least he was to us for that moment.

It is only 2 hours from Billings to Cody, and the drive was fairly uneventful. Since we were driving through Cody to get to our campsite, we figured we should stop, it is the biggest tourist town this side of Yellowstone.  We wanted to rest afterall and take a load off at the Irma Hotel.  Very cool historic hotel.

Cody KOA Campground:  Our home for the 2nd night.  Ok, lets just say after arriving, we decided perhaps the Walmart Parking lot would have been a better bet.

Our initial hook up was not without incident, the water hook up no longer works.  Actually, likely never worked.  However, we thought if you turn the pump on for 10 minutes, the water will work.  Then an experienced RV traveler next to us (you can see his big rig in the photo below), came over to say that he didn't think our water was working right.  We said "we know...".  Kid #1 was in his hammock, Guy on his computer at the picnic table and I was looking over some things, we all nodded and said we know, we are working on it.  Imagine our surprise when we went over 10 minutes later and found water spraying all over and filling the back of our storage in the RV with water.  (Oh, and the water was still hooked up and flowing all over the place),  so, I looked at the writing on the RV and made a call for help.  However, CruiseAmerica was really nice, and said call after 8 am tomorrow  morning, in case it resolves itself, really?!  I have set the alarm for 7:59 am.

As you can see Kid #1 made himself right at home, despite the stress.
Yes, that is our RV in the background.  I told Noah that he needed to light a fire under his butt and start getting ready for our next adventure! (Ironic, eh?!)

We were told that we had to see a "Real" Rodeo while we are on this adventure.  Apparently, Cody is the "Rodeo Capital of the World!"  So, it will have to do in lieu of our annual baseball game this year!

Cody Stampede was top of the list!
Ok, lets just say, this was quite the experience.  To a friend who shall remain nameless, (TOM BRAUN), your remark, "just ignore the fear of animal cruelty," and it will be really fun.  The fun?  I left scared, much like when I leave haunted houses. We were lucky enough to witness a cowboy get thrown off a horse, crushed by the horse and kicked in the head--right in the beginning.  He lay their lifeless for a moment, they asked for prayers, and then AMAZINGLY God spoke to him, he rose up stumbled out and got back on a horse 20 minutes later.  NO JOKE!  Worst part, Kid #2 caught it all on video.  I can't post it...but she will likely share with anyone that asks!  

That wasn't the end of it, then they asked for all kids (12 and under) to come out, they were going to release two calves with scarfs on their tails the kids had to chase them and remove the scarfs.  There were 100+ kids running all over tackling the poor calves.  It looked like a miniature running of the bulls.  (NO, that is not on the list for a PTA adventure).  I also forbade Kid #2 from going down.  

Then to wrap it up, a favorite line of Kid #1 came from one of the announcers.  He was introducing a character in an upcoming event, he said he was the "biggest, and baddest outlaw to visit Cody since Hillary Clinton."  The kids are still laughing, wondering why I thought that this would be a good idea.  I am wondering myself??  However, Kid #1 remarked that maybe this is where he could start his broadcasting career or perhaps it would make a better reality TV series?

Finally, my take away for the day, is that they LOVE guns in Cody! Here is my favorite sign of the day...

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