Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hawaiian Adventure Day 10 - March 22, 2011

We have really adjusted to the hawaiian way, taking it easy! Today, we started out with a visit to Hanalei Bay. We visited the famous pier and Noah and Leah posed for a quick shot! Afterward, we headed south for a little golfing (and to visit Crazy Shirts-Leah's demand! She wanted the cool shorts that changed designs when they got wet).

We golfed Puakea Golf Course in Lihue, Kauai. We had a great time, the front 9 was VERY windy, the 2nd was beautiful!!! Noah did a great job, Leah mastered putting, I loved the Nike driver that I rented and Guy only lost a dozen golf balls! Afterward we thought we would visit Scotty's BBQ in Kapaa. It was a very yummy local BBQ joint, with a stunning view right on the water! Everyone took a break from our daily fish intake, except Leah! She opted for local fish and chips!

Another great day on the island! We'll better head to bed to rest up for our final full day!

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