Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hawaiian Adventure Day 9 - March 21, 2011

Beach Day and a Luau!!! We had a great day today. The wind has been very strong and the ocean has been wild so we thought we would check out a safe beach, as Noah wanted to snorkel and Leah wanted to swim. We visited Anini Beach Park on the North Shore. It is very safe as it has a large reef out from the beach, so the waves break very far away. Great place for the kids! Noah did some snorkeling. Not realizing his Mom's fear of fish-(I didn't have my snorkel gear on), he exclaimed "Mom-careful, don't move there is a huge fish under you." I turned into an olympic swimmer and swam to shore. Noah is really good with snorkel gear! He would wear it all of the time, if he could. Doesn't want to miss anything.

Leah loved trying out the boogie board and hanging out in the crystal clear warm water! Finally, we snuck into Hanalei for lunch and Leah scored some custom made flip flops, from the Design your own flip flops shop in Hanalei. Careful gang, Leah is a real trend setter, she has a one of a kind pair of flip flops!

To close out our evening we headed south and enjoyed a Hawaiian Luau. It was really nice, the food was good, drinks were flowing and the shows was great! We would see it again! Well, every one is tucked away in bed, so I should run. See you soon!

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