Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hawaiian Adventure Day 2-March 14, 2011

We arrived in Kauai, Hawaii, tired, hungry and hot! Our Minnesota attire was a bit out of place. However, we were just excited to be there!

Dad (Guy) picked out a really cool car for us! A cherry red, four door, jeep that we could remove the top off of. A compromise to the Convertible Car idea that Leah had; that our luggage never would have fit into.

We finally arrived! We rented a condo at "Whaler's Cove" in Koola Town (near Poipu). It was FANTASTIC! We stayed in unit #212. It was "HUGE" and had everything we needed, most importantly it had the view of the ocean out our patio door. We enjoyed many sunset dinners out on our patio. Here are some pictures of the the condo...(We would highly recommend this condo!) We have posted a couple of pictures from our lanai too!

After unloading...we decided to check out the infinity pool out our doors...(Dad, Noah and Leah posed for a quick shot!)

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