Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hawaiian Adventure Day 7 - March 19, 2011 (Dad's Birthday!)

This was a very busy day for us! First and foremost, it was Dad's birthday! Noah and Mom went on a zipline tour (a special activity that Noah picked) and we moved north to Princeville!

The zipline tour was "AMAZING!" "The best ever." --Noah. I thought it was a stunning experience, once I got past the fear of being suspended in the air weighing more than I think is appropriate for a woman of my age and size. (I even asked if they wanted to weigh me before we left, as I was sure they needed to know. Safety was my number one concern for both of us! We took the tour with Outfitters Kauai. We took the Nui Loa trip. Our longest zip was 1800' through a valley over 350' in the air. Thrilling to say the least. We finished the trip with a dip in a dormant volcano.

Dad and Leah packed up and hung out by the pool and got another Lapperts to tide them over, while Noah and Mom played in the jungle!

Then we headed north to check into our BEAUTIFUL townhouse: Villas on the Prince-Unit #34. We really lucked out getting to know the owner, as she too is from Minnesota and has such a beautiful home here in Kauai that she rents to lucky guests like us! After checking in and taking a quick dip in the pool. We headed to the St. Regis Hotel overlooking Hanalei Bay for a beautiful dinner at Sunset to celebrate Dad's birthday! Dad called the view, "the most amazing view in the world!" We enjoyed dinner at the Makana Terrace. Guy and Noah both continued on their endeavor to find the best hawaiian fish, Guy selected Opah (a moon fish) and Noah picked Opakapaka (a snapper). Afterwards we headed back for a big piece of birthday "crust cake." Guy did have the good fortune of getting his birthday present from everyone, that Noah hid in his luggage for nearly a week-an Ipad 2!

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