Sunday, April 1, 2012

Planes, Trains and Automobiles - IV Day 2

Day 2 in New York City. We attempted to grab a good breakfast to start out our day, but both places we tried to get into had a 2+ hour wait. How is that possible? So we walked around checking out the neighborhoods. The kids found the architecture and fast pace amazing within the city. We checked out Grand Central Station. (The whispering room was really cool!) We strolled down 5th Avenue and checked out all of the shops. Leah of course visited the American Girl Store (however, no doll this time)! Noah and Dad visited the Oakley store, but Noah was the only one that walked out with a new pair of shades. (They were able to customize them to his baseball team colors, of course!) We also visited the big FAO Schwarz store and played a tune on the Big Piano. We of course had to grab some candy from the Sweetz shoppe! Leah was very excited to make up her own assortment of treats.

We also had the opportunity to visit St. Patricks Cathedral. This was pretty special too, but the kids were amazed that it was a "real" church because so many tourists were there checking it out. We also decided to check out some additional "trains" & "automobiles." We relied on public transportation to get around, so lots of subway and taxi rides. The kids really did enjoy the subway. "Too bad we don't have any subways at home!"

We ended our day in Soho, where I was convinced to get a new pair of glasses. Apparently mine are pretty "dated." A lovely saleswoman at Ilori was able to help me find a pair. Those of you that know me well enough, know this was a bit out of my comfort zone, as none of the frames looked like those I tried on at Costco.

Finally, we needed to grab a bite to eat, the kids wanted some New York Pizza, so we headed over to Little Italy for a quick bite. Then a quick cab ride home to rest up for our next adventure.

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