Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Planes, Trains and Automobiles - IV Day 6

Well, today was a big day! Lots of very important appointments! Our first stop was to the Hart Senate Building, where Senator Franken's office was kind enough to fit us in on one of his Congressional Tours. The surprise for us was that there was a fire alarm about 4 minutes after we entered the building. So, we had to walk over to the Capital. The tour guide was great and it was packed as expected in the Capital. The kids really enjoyed the tour. Leah especially liked the Woman's Suffrage Statute that is "unfinished" in the Rotunda. It is awaiting the election of the first female President before it can be finished. Noah enjoyed learning about the history of the building. We also were able to sit in the House Gallery. That was a special now they know what it is really like where the President gives the State of the Union Speech.

After the tour, we took a quick trip over to the Senate Building on the Senate Tram and had a quick bite in the cafeteria. Then we were off to our next big appointment! We had a tour scheduled of the White House, which we have learned is a very "hard ticket to come by." It was a great tour and the kids REALLY enjoyed it. Leah even took a quick break to rest on a bench under a window in the green room. (The Secret Service Agent quickly requested she move along, you know how dangerous 7 year olds can be!) She also asked to use their bathroom, but was told she would have to wait until she was outside. I am sure she wanted an exclusive for her bathroom diary that I am sure she keeps. We couldn't take any pictures inside, but it was lovely and the Obama's seem to really enjoy using the space and inviting people to enjoy it as well.

Then we needed a little rest, so Guy took us up to one of his favorite bars, P.O.V. on top of the W hotel. It was a spectacular view overlooking the White House, and the Mall. A stop we would highly recommend. (However, Leah thought that the Strawberry Lemonade was GROSS, because they made it fresh. Go figure!)

Then we had a little bit of energy left so thought we should visit one more Smithsonian. We headed over to the Smithsonian of Natural History. We caught a glimpse of the Hope Diamond and Leah found a big birthstone "just like hers." We also saw some great artifacts from the Chilean Minors Recuse effort. What a great day, but we are exhausted!

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