Thursday, April 5, 2012

Planes, Trains and Automobiles - IV Day 7

It is true, our adventure is wrapping up. We have come to the end of our final full day. We still have been able to keep up our marathon pace. Today, like most days we got a slow start. The kids like to sleep in...AND eat breakfast. We have learned one thing about Washington DC, they don't have a lot of places to grab breakfast, if you want something more than a pastry and coffee. So we wander around for about an hour before everyone finds someplace they would eat.

After breakfast, we headed over to The White House Visitors Center. This is a really neat museum as well, the kids also finished the Park Ranger program and were sworn in as Junior Presidential Park Rangers and received their official badges. After that, we headed over to see the United States Supreme Court, that was an amazing special treat for me (Penny). I so love visiting this building, it is an amazing place with such history and honor. We also had a wonderful historical overview in the actual courtroom, it was really fun to experience this with the kids.

After taking some final pictures on the steps of the Supreme Court (note: there is a picture just like the one I took of Noah and Leah; of me standing on the steps too)! I also shared the story with the kids that some of the Justices had written me letters (that I have saved-somewhere) when my former assistant accidentally sent them my form letter asking them if they wanted to judge a "mock trial" competition. Imagine my surprise when I received formal notes declining the invitation!

We headed back to the Mall and visited the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. The kids really enjoyed this museum as well, it had something for everyone, fast space crafts, commercial jet liners and cool flight technologies. They couldn't believe that some of this stuff was REAL! Finally, on our way back to our hotel, we were able to sneak into the National Archives. The kids had the opportunity to see up close, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It still gives me the chills to see the "real" documents. The kids of course wanted to know where they go at night, because according to the movie National Treasure, they go underground and get covered. (The kids LOVED those movies!) Leah also said, she wanted to sign the Bill of Rights, "I will sign in cursive." Scary to think if it was really open--she probably would. Afterward, she visited the gift shop and purchased her own stuffed dog "Bo." The stuffed dog looks just like the Obama's dog. Scary, we are not ready for another new dog.

Dinner... we opted for something easy-Pizza. Everyone would like it. We ended up finding a really yummy pizza joint near our hotel. District of Pi Pizzeria was delicious. We all enjoyed our final dinner in DC and headed back to catch some ZZZ's!

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