Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 3-Huntington Beach-Continued...

We continued on with our plan of more R & R! The sunshine was addicting! We loved the vitamin D. However, Noah and I started the day at 7:45 am with a surfing lesson on Huntington Beach! Something Noah really wanted to do, Guy and I drew straws and I got the short one...I had to put the wet suit on and made a fool of myself. (Honestly, it was not a flattering fit!) The sad thing, is that I really liked it! It was fun, but scary. Scary because apparently the tide was unseasonably strong. Our instructors words, the "roughest this summer." (Pictures will be posted soon--as the train's internet doesn't work well downloading the pictures).

At one point I did get scared...Noah was out in the waves with the instructor, I was watching on shore--suddenly I noticed a gray dorsal fin come up and go down. I gasped, but didn't know what to do, then another one popped up, then another...I was so stressed, trying to get everyone's attention. Then imagine, how embarrassed I was when a pod of dolphins began jumping over the wave that Noah was going to try and surf on. It was a cool experience, despite his mom looking like a crazy person on shore.

I did swallow my pride put on the wet suit walked to the beach (not a pretty site) and attempted to surf. It was very exciting, but VERY hard! Noah did the best!

Dad and Leah met us at the beach after their leisurely breakfast at the hotel and attempted to build sandcastles with us and a company called "Dig It" a professional sandcastle building company! The good news, we learned the "right" way to build a sandcastle, the bad news...Noah learned that you cannot dig a hole through the center of a sandcastle and keep it standing! However, they have big plans back home! Watch out--they really know what they are doing now!

We ended the night with a rickshaw ride down the beach to "Dukes" for dinner. Leah's favorite thing to do...if you recall we did the same thing in Denver last year. We had to race Dad and Noah. We won of course!

We finished the night off with smore's we made at one of the many firepits around the resort. Leah only liked the chocolate and Noah liked making them with Dad!

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