Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day 9-Seattle, Washington

We finally made it to Seattle, once again our Hotel-Hyatt Olive 8 is FANTASTIC! We could fit likely 30 sleeper rooms from our Amtrak Sleeper Car in our room. We are staying in downtown Seattle. Today, we got a late start, but headed down to Pike Place Market. It was really neat. It had so much to offer, but Leah just couldn't appreciate it. So we headed to a chocolate shop per her request--a chocolate covered marshmallow did the trick!

We then headed over to the space needle, however, that was a 50 minute wait. So that is something that we have put off until tomorrow. Then we decided since we are here for such a short period of time, we better take advantage of a city tour. However, we unfortunately picked the "historical" tour. As you can tell by Noah's picture on the tour--Guy had to wipe the drool from Noah's face while he caught some zzz's. The tour guide was having so much fun telling his story, that he let the 90 minute tour run 140 minutes. People had to beg to go home.
Then the real fun began for Noah--off to see the Mariners vs. Twins game at SafeCo Field. It was Ichiro Bobblehead night. They showed up 2+ hours ahead of time, ended up waiting in a line that extended to the freeway to get in, missed BP and DIDN'T even get the bobblehead! Needless to say, they were very frustrated. However, the Twins helped out with a victory and made things better. Leah even enjoyed the kids play area. Noah of course added to his team shirt and hat collection. He picked up a Mariners t-shirt and official baseball hat! He did however adjust his ranking of MLB fields...
1. AT&T Park
2. Target Field
3. Coors Field
4. SafeCo Field
5. Angel's Stadium

Oh...Guy was even stopped and asked if he was Kent Hrbek...Seriously!!! I told him he should have signed an autograph! I almost forgot...Leah's highlight was going to the "men's bathroom" with Dad. (As Mom was waiting in a long line for some refreshment). I am sure it will be a unique chapter in the bathroom book that she is working on. (I don't think she has missed one opportunity to experience a bathroom on this entire trip).

Well, we are headed to catch a couple zzz's before embarking on the final day of our annual adventure. I am sure we will have some fun details to share tomrrow.

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