Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 6-Anaheim, CA Continued...

This was a rough day...however, the kids really took the liberty to sleep in after the long day at Disneyland. Leah slept until 11:30 am and Noah until 11:00 a.m.! That made our day a bit shorter, as we had a lot of ground to cover in a little time.

Gramma Jean wanted to see the kids one more time. So we headed back to LA and visited with her a bit, snuck into the Peterson Automobile Museum (I actually got to see the car from my favorite movie-"GREASE"). It was an amazing car collection. (Another must see destination according to Gramma Jean).

Then we headed back to Anaheim, to Catch the Angel's game. Guy cursed the traffic the entire way back--good news...I don't think that we would ever consider living in or around LA, the traffic was unbelievable. The Angels were playing the Tampa Bay Rays. This was a highlight for Noah. A requirement of our trips is a visit to a major league ball park. Anaheim stadium didn't disappoint! He rated it 4th...
1-AT&T Park
2-Target Field
3-Coors Field
4-Anaheim Stadium

It was an amazing stadium that was very family friendly. Leah of course loved it and found many new things to buy. Her most prized possession was a "pink" rally monkey. Noah on the other hand-scored a Tori Hunter jersey, an official Team Hat and got to sit in right field behind Tori Hunter! Unfortunately, all of our excitement couldn't bring them a win.

Noah, however, enjoyed it so much, he bought his parents Angels baseball hats as a souvenir. (They will match our All-Star's jersey's perfectly!)

It was a late night again...

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