Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Stop for a quick visit to see Great Gramma Jean in LA!

Great Gramma Jean wanted to make sure the kids had an opportunity to experience some of her favorite places in LA before we headed south. We visited her apartment, she took us over to see the LaBrea Tar Pits, no visit to LA is complete without seeing the the Elephants stuck in the hot tar! We had to remind Leah "they aren't real."

The next stop was a surprise, but shouldn't have been for Guy and I. She wanted the kids to experience the "99 cent store!" She gave them some cash and told them to go in and spend it! It was like the Mall of America of dollar stores. (This has been Gramma Jean's favorite place to take visitors since I was a kid).

Noah scored a Celtics DVD, Ken Griffey Jr. VHS, Beach Mats, Toothpaste, MLB Pepsi Bottle and some other random items. Leah on the other hand was in heaven, she picked up beach toys, pens, coloring books, stapler, scissors (which she used to cut her Hannah Anderson dress in three places-"She wanted to be cool like Anna") and many other random items. Oh, I scored a case of water for 2.99, Guy of course thought I was crazy, but we actually drank it! It was in the 90's the entire time in LA and Anaheim.

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