Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 5-Anaheim, CA/Disneyland!

We finally made it to Disneyland! Leah's first stop here and Noah's 3rd! (However, the first that he can remember).

We were staying at a FANTASTIC hotel again. Thanks to Guy he really did a great job with our accommodations this time. We had a two bedroom family suite, with three TV's , two bathrooms and bunk beds. The kids (and MOM) were in heaven. A Hyatt again! (I am beginning to sense a pattern). Ironically, we ran into some friends, The Madden's at the airport and they were visiting Disneyland and staying at the same hotel on the same day so we enjoyed some time with them at the park too!

The day at Disneyland started rough...Leah was overwhelmed and "wanted everything" at first. The good news, the park was not too busy. Noah on the other hand, for those of you that know him well won't be surprised, was rather anxious about the rides. He acts like a thrill seeker, but really isn't. However, he was determined to change his ways. He visited Splash Mountain first (actually went down it 3 times) and was in love with the fast rides, he tried some others, before his Dad took him on Indiana Jones.

Leah and I took a quick trip to Fantasyland to ride Dumbo, and met up with them afterward to eat lunch at my favorite restaurant-"Blue Bayou." (The Monte Cristo-is FANTASTIC!) Noah was a bit wobbly, weak, thirsty, hungry and certainly NOT going on that ride again. Unfortunately, we learned after a quick trip to First Aid-he was dehydrated from not drinking water and being overly anxious about the rides. I should note it was VERY hot that day...95 degrees.

He quickly regrouped after about 2 liters of water, some ibuprofen and a visit to an air conditioned ride. He was back in action and ready to go...we visited many other rides and visited with our friends. Leah designed her own ears, Noah found some with baseballs (MLB of course) and Mom and Dad helped them close the park down. We didn't leave until midnight!

Leah's favorite ride: Tea Cups (I think it was because Dad rode it with her). However, Toontown was a favorite too!
Noah's favorite ride: Space Mountain (Can you believe it, after the day he had!)

In the end...having been to both theme parks, both kids gave the edge to Disneyland. However, the castle is much smaller than the castle at Magic Kingdom in Florida.

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