Sunday, July 26, 2015

PTA: VII Day #3, Saturday, July 25, 2015 ...Wow, the Colorado Landscape is amazing!

Day #3  Heading to Vail, Colorado...

We finally checked out of our hotel in the Denver area.  We let Guy get a little extra sleep, as rest is often the key to beating altitude sickness.  While not a 100% yet, he doesn't like to give up the driving responsibilities.  We started our trek into the mountains...the kids finally began to appreciate the beauty and vastness of the mountains.

The drive into the mountains was much like I always remembered as a kid.  Many cars off to the side "cooling off" and semi trucks cruising into the mountains in the right lane with their flashers on.  While the truck didn't have a problem with the drive, you could certainly tell it was working harder than normal.  However, I reminded Guy how my Dad would always drive in a lower gear, and baby the truck.  We followed Dad's rules and the ride was smooth.

We really enjoyed the ride with the kids, especially the ride through the Eisenhower Tunnel.  If your kids are anything like ours, they like to hold their breath in the tunnels.  This tunnel is over 1 1/2 miles long!

This is what it looks like as we enter the tunnel...

This is what it looks like inside when the kids nearly pass out after holding their breath!

I always remember being impressed by this tunnel and happy to see it still impressed the kids!  Guy and I were a bit evil...we did not warn them how long it was when they announced they were going to hold their breath for this tunnel.  We did smirk, when they were holding their breath.  

Our destination for this leg of the trip was Vail, Colorado!  Dad had really hooked us up on this leg of the trip, our destination is the Four Seasons in Vail.  The Four Seasons didn't disappoint!  What an amazing full service resort.  Leah on the other hand was disappointed that our room did not have the large leather lounge chair that the website bragged about.  However, in true Four Seasons fashion, we arrived back to our room in the evening to find a large leather lounge chair!  

Sad but true, we were exhausted after our travels for the day.  We hit the pool and freshened up and finally headed out to check out Vail Village and grab a bite to eat.  We lucked out and found a nice pizza shop, Pazzo's Pizzeria right in the village.  It was delicious.  Perfect ending to our day.  Note:  Guy was most impressed by the music being played...The Who, Robert Plant, etc...  he was of course testing the kids musical aptitude.

If you have visited Vail Village you know how quaint it is, it looks almost like something out of a Disney movie.  This is one of the reasons, we wanted the kids to see Vail in the summer, it is so unique and beautiful.  A place we are certain to visit again, however, likely during ski season next time.

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