Thursday, July 30, 2015

PTA VII: Day #6, Tuesday, July 28, 2015 ...Last Day in Vail and Heading to Estes Park, Colorado

Day #6...We couldn't leave Vail, without taking the kids up the Gondola and checking out the top of Vail Mountain.  (This is one of our favorite memories, when we went skiing in Vail).  So we headed out in the morning to "Gondola One." The kids loved this experience, Leah wasn't even scared.  Now the thought of riding up one of the open chair lifts, was terrifying for her.
(This will have to represent the air travel portion of our summer adventure).
When you get to the top, all you see are countless mountain biking trails, hiking trails and lots of ski signs.  (We are warming Leah up to coming out in the winter sometime).  We decided to take things easy and take one of the less strenuous hiking trails:  Upper Fireweed.  Well, lets just say, less strenuous doesn't mean the same thing to all people.  Leah was wiped, and "hangry."  (Our new word we started using to describe someone that is hungry and angry.  However, Guy did great considering he was on a conference call while on the hiking trail.
This is the trail we headed out on...
Noah and Leah head off...

Leah and Noah at the top of Vail Mountain
We did get to snap a couple extra shots before heading back to the hotel, wish we could have spent more time at the top of the mountain.  We had no idea, there was so much going on up top!

As you can see, Noah didn't want Abby River's to pass him.  The thought of Nate's younger sister lapping him was unthinkable.  (Kidding-Abby!)
After checking out of our hotel, we headed on to the next leg of our adventure:  Estes Park, in the Rocky Mountain National Forest.  Ironically, we learned that some good friends-the Rivers Family were also visiting Estes Park.  We were able to rendezvous with their family for Dinner.  We met up in Lyons, Colorado at a very cool and hip joint for dinner:  Oskar Blues.  (The chicken lettuce wraps and Pinner Beer were FANTASTIC!)  It was so great to visit and catch up with them, somewhere OUTSIDE of the baseball fields.  
Steve, Sam, Nate, Abby and Jen Rivers with Guy, Leah, Penny and Noah.  (Yes, I must be shrinking, not sure why all of the boys are taller than me now?)

We then headed out to check into our cabin (for the next two days).  Guy found a great spot at River Stone Resorts in Estes Park for us.  However, the kids were quickly reconnected with the Rivers family.  We met up at "Fun City".  A place where the kids could hang out a bit more, and Guy and I could get some touring advice from Steve and Jen (who were clearly experts in our minds).  They have done this hiking stuff before and could give us some tips and tricks.  

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