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PTA: VII (Planes, Trains and Mostly Automobiles) July 23, 2015 Cierzan's Explore the Midwest...

July 23-August 1, 2015

We decided to head out to explore more of the Midwest.  You can do it this time of year, as the weather is spectacular.  We don’t have to hop on an airplane and travel thousands of miles to soak up some rays and fill up on our vitamin D.  Which as a true Minnesotan, I realize we are ALL terribly deficient in. 

Day #1, Thursday, July 23, 2015

...Cierzan's depart Minneapolis, with our totally stocked truck.

I am so excited to share my special purchase for this trip, an electric cooler.  It is amazing, it can plug into a cigarette outlet and we have a special outlet in the back of the truck.  No more buying ice and always certain to have chilled beverages and snacks.  (Is it lame, that I am so excited about this?)  If anyone else likes gadgets like this and would like one of their own, take a peek at at the Igloo Iceless 28 quart cooler. Guy thinks this is crazy, but I am certain by the end of the trip, he will be on the same page with me.  This cooler ROCKS!

We were able to see so many unique roadside sights, on our first leg.  The trip through Iowa was quick.  We did stop for a bite at a roadside restaurant:  Seven Stars Family Restaurant in Clear Lake, Iowa.  We figured the full parking lot was a good sign.  We had a quick bite and everyone gave it the thumbs up!

Another unique roadside sight was all of the "Windmills" in Iowa.  Did you know...the state of Iowa generates nearly a quarter of all of its energy from wind.  In fact, Warren Buffet was so inspired that he made one of the largest donations to their economy to continue to expand on this endeavor, funding windmill farms all over the state.  Ok, all of you windmill haters out there, I think they may be on to something in Iowa, perhaps we should add a couple back in Minnesota.

We also went through DeSoto, Iowa.  The birthplace of John Wayne.  I had no idea!  Neither did Noah...he remarked: "Who is John Wayne anyway?"  Seriously, I couldn't believe he said that. Looking for a John Wayne flick for him to watch on the way home.

Our goal for this leg of the trip was to make it to Omaha, Nebraska.  In typical Cierzan fashion, we have everything scheduled a head of time.  (Special thanks to Dad!)  Guy is always on top of our lodging, as a frequent traveler, he always seems to know how to arrange the best and most efficient options to meet our every needs. We were able to get a room at the Fairfield Inn & Suites in Papillion, Nebraska.

I am sure you won't be surprised when I share that we were staying a mile from Werner Park.  An amazing new ballpark in the middle of a cornfield, that is a AAA ballpark for the Kansas City Royals.  Werner Park is also home to the College World Series, it was quite the ballpark.  They even had a game scheduled the night we were there, so we had the special treat of being able to relax and watch a game.

Oh, I might add some highlights from the game.  Guy lucked out and sat next to someone with a hat with his favorite saying on it.

The slang version of "America" drives Guy crazy.  Noah on the other hand couldn't leave without adding a hat to his baseball hat collection.

The hometown team name is: Storm Chasers!  Notice the tornado with a bat on his hat.

Finally, Leah toured the entire ballpark and settled for sampling a: "Oma-Dog."  It is a hotdog, with pulled pork, bacon and cheese.  However, we weren't sure where the bacon was on this one.  It was pretty good.

We finally headed back to our hotel, to catch a couple of ZZZ's!  No, we didn't cave and let the kids go swimming.  Sleep is valuable!  Some things never change, like Guy and I remember demanding when we were young, we always wanted to stay where there was a pool.  Our kids are no different, but we didn't have anytime left in our day.  Besides the pool was nearly as big as our bathtub at home, Leah called it L-A-M-E!

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