Tuesday, July 28, 2015

PTA: VII Day #4, Sunday, July 26, 2015 ...Watch out Mountains, the Cierzan's go off roading!

Day #4...We head off into the Rockies on an ATV!

Hard to believe, but true, we wanted to really get into the mountains and experience the rugged terrain with the kids.  We were referred to a great company right outside of the city, Sage Outdoor Adventures.  While Leah said she was excited to do this, she wasn't real excited when she saw the machines.  "They look just like Uncle Dan's."  However, Dad assured her with his "superior" driving skills, she would enjoy the ride.  (I think she was secretly hoping for a golf cart that she could drive).
Our guide didn't put her at ease when he excitedly announced that he had seen a mountain lion recently on one of the trips.  I assured her, this would be fun!  Also, with Dad's superior driving skills he could certainly outrun a mountain lion, right?!
Leah making sure she is all buckled in!
 While the ATV was a lot like Uncle Dan's, all 4 of us could ride in one machine.  It was rugged terrain certainly evidenced by all of the photo's of our dirty faces!  Can you tell who was sitting in front and who was sitting in back?
Noah, Mom, Leah and Dad with our ATV in the Rocky Mountains!
The sights were amazing!  It was much like looking into the Grand Canyon, from some of the locations.  
Dad is showing Leah some of the unique features of the landscape, while Mom is stressing out about them standing right on a cliff!

Noah couldn't get over how grand the view was, I am certain he is going to fill up his phone with photo's on this trip.

At the end of the trip the kids both remarked...THANK YOU!  That was great, however, we were flithy!  Oh...apparently Leah is the only one that "thinks" she saw a Mountain Lion.

We headed back to the hotel, in typical Griswold fashion, filthy dirty and ready to jump into the pool at the Four Season's Hotel in Vail.  Guy and I couldn't do it, we insisted on quick showers before heading to the pool.  After a quick bite poolside (because that is all Leah really cares about is being in the pool as much as possible).  Noah and I convinced her that we should rent some bikes and check out some of the bike trails in Vail.  So the three of us headed out for a little more exploring.

We took a few stops, to check out the river running through the city.  It was crystal clear, and Noah (the germ freak) actually wanted to taste the water, it was clear and cool.  I didn't think it was such a great idea, but later I learned-it isn't a good idea.  So fortunately, he didn't fill up his water bottle.  So, far there are not side effects.  

Leah on the other hand, liked climbing around by the creek.  She did NOT like biking up the hills!

We decided to head back after a couple of hours to check on Guy.  He needed a little more rest, as the altitude stuff was bugging him again.  However, as we have now come to expect from the Four Seasons, the service is superior!  Matt from the front desk, actually sent up an "altitude sickness" assistance bag.  It had snacks, ginger ale and some Altitude Adjustment Supplements that they assured us would help Guy acclimate to the altitude.  In addition, they also loaned us a Mercedes SUV to go pick up some things at the grocery store nearby. The kids thought that was REAL cool.  As did I, kind of fun driving a different car that is NOT packed with junk all over the place.  I might add, that is another cool added value of staying at this property.  

The kids finally wore us out and we hit the sack, after watching Paul Blart Mall Cop 2.  (Sorry, Uncle Dan, Leah waited as long as she could, she wanted to watch it).  Good family flick!

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